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1  WatchFTP / WatchFTP German / Re: Lokal aktualisierte Dateien auf den FTP synchronisieren / überschreiben
 on: Aug 28th, 2023, 7:38pm 
Started by CM | Post by Dirk
Hallo CM,

das geht – allerdings mit unserem Produkt WatchDirectory und dem dortigen Plugin „autom. Dateien auf einen FTP-Server hochladen“:

Beachte bitte, dass WatchDirectory nicht mit Passwortdateien für FTP verwendet werden kann.
Gerne unsere Demo testen:

2  WatchFTP / WatchFTP German / Lokal aktualisierte Dateien auf den FTP synchronisieren / überschreiben
 on: Aug 28th, 2023, 6:41pm 
Started by CM | Post by CM
Wir benutzen WatchFTP seit geraumer Zeit erfolgreich zur Überwachung von FTPs externer Partner, würden nun aber gern lokal aktualisierte Dateien auf unseren FTP synchronisieren und die vorhandenen Dateien gleichen Namens entsprechend überschreiben.
Geht das?

3  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Re: WatchFTP fails handshake
 on: Jul 24th, 2023, 8:23am 
Started by thomasdd0 | Post by Gert

This is most likely fixed in this beta (64bit version):
or the 32bit version:

We are currently working on a new release that implements the latest (1.3) TLS security. It should be ready somewhere next month.

4  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / WatchFTP fails handshake
 on: Jul 22nd, 2023, 2:51pm 
Started by thomasdd0 | Post by thomasdd0
I have a licensed version of WatchFTP 4.2.1 and recently started having issues with the Secure FTP with TLS  over port 21. The initial connection works but then it tries to change to SSL\TLS and fails. The site admin suggested that security updates to the site may have broken the handshake because WatchFTP is not up to date. Are there any new versions planned with updated security?

Here is the log.

   DllDate: Dec 21 2018
   UnlockPrefix: WTCHDR.CBX0522
   Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
   VerboseLogging: 0
     enabled: yes
     heartbeatMs: 0
     sendBufferSize: 65536
   ImplicitSsl: 0
   AuthTls: 1
   AuthSsl: 0
     Hostname: <FTP SITE>
     Port: 21
     IdleTimeoutMs: 20000
       SO_SNDBUF: 262144
       SO_RCVBUF: 4194304
       TCP_NODELAY: 1
       SO_KEEPALIVE: 1
       replyLineQP: 220 FTP server ready.
     initialStatus: 220
     initialResponse: 220 FTP server ready.
     converting to secure connection...
           sendingCommand: AUTH TLS
           replyLineQP: 234 AUTH TLS successful
                 level: fatal
                 descrip: handshake failure
               Closing connection in response to fatal SSL/TLS alert.
             Aborting handshake because of fatal alert.
       Client handshake failed. (1)
       connectionClosed: 0
       Failed to convert channel to SSL/TLS
   Failed to connect to FTP server.

5  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Re: Prefix for filename
 on: Jul 14th, 2023, 9:08am 
Started by teusner | Post by teusner
Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I forgot to mention, that I want to rename the file on the FTP server, not locally. And additionally I want to avoid downloading files with the given prefix, just like the in build option for the suffix.

But after thinking this through again, it does not matter. I will simply use your suffix method.

Thanks again.

6  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Re: Prefix for filename
 on: Jul 14th, 2023, 8:24am 
Started by teusner | Post by Gert
If you enter
as the suffix it should work the way you want and rename the FTP file. What you enter must resolve to a full path on the server and all directories must already exist.

You can use all the {tags} mentioned on this page:

7  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Prefix for filename
 on: Jul 13th, 2023, 3:17pm 
Started by teusner | Post by teusner

at the moment there is only an option to rename the while file with a specific suffix. I.e. a *.pdf becomes a *.pdf_SUFFIX

I think it would be good if there were an option to set a prefix

for example

test.pdf becomes PREFIX_test.pdf

Just an idea.

yours David

8  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Re: Dynamic Naming
 on: Feb 5th, 2023, 1:43pm 
Started by Ian8551 | Post by Gert
That looks like a bug.....
I *think* (not sure) it should be checking the path until the last "\", looks like it checks until the first "{".

I will look into it for the next release. For the moment, it should work if you apply a different dynamic name like
(and obviously, create the rascal subdirectory)

9  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Dynamic Naming
 on: Feb 3rd, 2023, 4:01pm 
Started by Ian8551 | Post by Ian8551
When trying to dynamically name a file to
I encounter a message "{Dynamic Name} must start with an existing directory. E:\FTPRoot\WatchFTP\MarketForce\Inbound\rascal_ does not exist.

I'm trying to name the file "rascal_{fileTitle}.edi" as per the screenshot.

BTW the path E:\FTPRoot\WatchFTP\MarketForce\Inbound does exist.

10  WatchFTP / WatchFTP English / Re: getdirlist.TryAgain [ISSUE]
 on: Jan 27th, 2023, 10:48am 
Started by IsaacK | Post by Gert

WatchFTP asks the FTP Server for a directory listing but receives an error instead. The task will "try again" after a few seconds. Those errors typically resolve themself after a few minutes (most likely, the FTP server is temporarily too busy).
I will contact you on your email in a moment.