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What a pleasant and unexpected surprise in this day and age to get not only a superb product with WatchFTP and WatchDirectory, but unbelievable customer support, as well!

These products have shaved hours off my workday. So much so that I am actively seeking new customers now! Before these great products, I was spending hours doing the mundane tasks of moving files from one place to the other. Not any more!

I currently have clients who upload pending work to our FTP site and then transcriptionists around the states who download pending work and after finished, upload finished work to the FTP site. Now we are able to e-mail transcriptionists when new work is ready and waiting, and it's already been uploaded to the correct location and renamed appropriately. Any unnecessary files are automatically deleted, as well. The transcriptionists can now be out running errands when they receive an e-mail regarding pending work. They can then decide whether it's so much work that they should attend to that immediately or whether they can stay out a bit longer - all thanks to the detailed information we can include in the e-mails! The aging is another awesome feature. That helps us keep track of who is getting close to being late before it becomes a problem.

The features of these 2 great products are incredible - we keep thinking of new ways to implement more time saving tasks!

And the customer support just can't be beat. We have honestly never worked with such a great support team - a team who even anticipates your needs and attends to them without you even asking!

So if you're looking for a great product and great customer support - really, you have to look no further.

Lori Miller
USA Transcription Services Incorporated
4572 Mimosa Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
714-579-6600 phone
714-579-7681 fax

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