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Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTPWatchFTP v4 - Monitor FTP Sites with WatchFTP


New in this major WatchFTP version 4 release

Private Key Support       Use a Private Key (PuTTY or OpenSSH format) to login on SFTP sites.
Dynamic Naming       You now have full control which name/location is used for downloaded files. For example, download to

(see {Dynamic Naming} for more.)
Multithreaded Downloads       WatchFTP can now download multiple files concurrently.
Task Groups       There is a new menu that allows you to show "All Tasks (Ctrl+0)", "Running Tasks (Ctrl+1)" or "Stopped Tasks (Ctrl+2)".
Create your own task groups if you have a lot of tasks.
...and a lot more...       Support for the latest encryptions on secure connections.
The Email Action can now email different people depending on the location of detected files.
Lots of small other improvements...


Download this new release here. Install it "on top" of your current version so it will keep your settings and tasks. You can try WatchFTP free for 30 days.


When you are ready to buy, visit our webshop to get a license. If you already own a previous version, your upgrade may be free, see Upgrade to WatchFTP v4.

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