Monitor your FTP Site with WatchFTP

Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTPUpgrade WatchFTP from 32bit to 64bit


Both versions are completely compatible, they can use each other's settings and your license key (if you are a customer) works on both. If you are a customer who upgrades from version 2.x you will need a new license key, get if free here.

You need to follow the instructions here once only. You can ignore this page if you install the 64bit version on a computer where the 32bit version has never been installed.
Also, if you install on a computer where you are already running a (beta) 64bit version of WatchFTP, you can ignore this page. Just install the 64bit version "on top" of your previous install.

If you have already uninstalled the 32bit version, please continue reading. The last paragraphs have some tips for you.

What's the issue?

As the 64bit version installs to a different directory (typically "C:\Program Files\WatchFTP") you will end up with 2 WatchFTP installs (the 32bit version typically inside "C:\Program Files (x86)\WatchFTP"). Because of this, there are 3 problems/issues:

  1. If you do not take care, those 2 installs will use different directories to store their settings.
  2. If you have tasks setup to run as a Windows Service, Windows may continue to use the 32bit version to run the Service.
  3. You may also get confused yourself which WatchFTP version you are starting.

Before you install WatchFTP 64bit

First you need to "reset" all tasks that are configured to run as a Windows Service.

To make sure the 64bit edition will use the same directory to store (and read) its settings, we must find out where the 32bit version stores them.

Now uninstall the 32bit version of WatchFTP

Do This! Don't worry, the uninstall will not remove your tasks.

Install the 64bit version of WatchFTP

During installation, the installer will prompt you for a directory where WatchFTP should store its settings. There is a very high chance the directory proposed by the installer will be the correct one (the same as the 32bit version used), but make sure to check it.

After Install

You can now set your tasks back to "Run Mode Windows Service" and you are ready to run!

The text below is only for those who already uninstalled the 32bit version before reading this page

Before I read this page I already uninstalled the 32bit version

Follow these steps:

  1. Install the 64bit version.
  2. Start the WatchFTP Control Center. If you do not you see your tasks, continue with the steps here ("I do not see my tasks").
  3. Ok, you see your tasks in the WatchFTP Control Center. You now need to make sure Windows will use the 64bit install for Services you have configured.
  4. Edit all your tasks, select the "Run Mode" window. If the task is set to run as a "Normal Program", you can cancel - no need to change anything.
    If the task is set to run as a Windows Service, do this:
    • Set the task to run as a "Normal Program" and press OK (Windows will now delete the Windows Service entry that pointed at the 32bit WatchFTP).
    • Edit the task again, set the task to run as a "Windows Service" and press OK (Windows will create the Windows Service entry which uses the 64bit WatchFTP).

I do not see my tasks

Do you remember the name of one of your tasks? Open Windows Explorer click on your C: drive and press F3 to start a search. If your task was called "hello", you should search for hello.config. When you have found the file, make a note in which directory it is.

Now run the 64bit installer again and make sure to enter the correct directory when you are prompted for the directory to store settings. There is no need to uninstall first.

You can now continue with step 3 of the previous paragraph.

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