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Filter Directories to Download

screenshot of this window

If required, use this page to specify filters limiting which directories the Task downloads. Use this to prevent complete subdirectory trees from downloading.

You can enter simple strings and WatchFTP will compare the FTP Path to these strings. If one such string is found in the current path, the directory, including all its subdirectories are not downloaded.

When you configure a task like the screenshot shows

The following Unix directories are NOT downloaded

  • /cgi-bin
  • /cgi-binary
  • /cgi-bin/hello
    (because its parent directory is not downloaded, this directory is not even considered)
  • /downloads

The following Unix directories ARE downloaded

  • /public
  • /mydownloads
    (because it does not contain the string "/downloads")

Wildcard support

You can use an asterisk (*) to represent 0 or more characters. Use a question mark (?) to represent 1 character.

If you enter, for example, "/customer??/", it will match all directories whose names start with customer and have exactly 2 trailing characters (/customer01/, /customer02/). If you enter "/customer*/", it will match /customer/ and /customer1234567/.