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Run Mode

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Specify whether WatchFTP runs the Task as a "normal program" or as a Windows Service.

  • Select a mode and click OK.

Normal program: This is the default option. The Task runs as a standalone program. To hide its DOS window, also select Hide the Run Window.

Run as a Windows Service: The Task runs as a Windows Service application with the name "WatchFTP:YourTaskName", where YourTaskName is the name entered in the Name and Description page.

A Windows Service is a special type of program that starts running before anyone is logged into Windows.

See also "Services" in the Troubleshooting topic.

If your Task synchronizes a network folder, click Username/Password to enter a new Username and Password. This is required because the default user (LocalSystem) cannot access network drives.

You can enter the username in the following forms:

JohnThe user John on the current machine.
.\JohnThe user John on the current machine or the local domain.
domain\JohnThe user John on the specified domain.