Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP


Proxy Settings

screenshot of the Proxy Settings window

Some FTP Servers can only be reached through a Proxy Server. On this window you can configure your Proxy Server, if needed.

To configure a Proxy Server

  • Enter the Host and Port of the Proxy Server.
  • If needed by your Proxy Server, enter the Userid and Password.
  • Press the Try All Types button to automatically determine the Proxy Type

A message shows telling you through which Proxy Type(s) WatchFTP was able to connect to your FTP server.

Supported Proxy Types
and Userid/Password requirements
TypeNeeds UseridNeeds Password
SITE siteYesYes
USER user@siteNoNo
USER with loginYesYes
OPEN siteYesYes
SITE hostname:portYesYes
USER name@proxyuserYesYes