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SMTP Settings

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Configure an SMTP Server to support the Send Email Action. These settings are the same for all Tasks.

You can open this window from the Send Email Action, and also by selecting View > SMTP Settings.

  • Enter settings and click OK.
    WatchFTP will try to connect to your SMTP Server.

Host: The Host-name of your SMTP Server, e.g.

Port: Listens to this port. Normally this will be "25", but some servers use another port.

UserID / Password: Connect to your SMPT Server using this UserID and Password.

From Email Address: Use this email address as the "Sender" of all emails.

Use TLS / Use STARTTLS: Some SMTP Servers require an encrypted Connection.

Admin Alerts: When WatchFTP encounters a problem it can send an alert to the email you enter here. Leave empty for no email.

TIP: Gmail over SSL

You can use GMail's SMTP Server to send email. All Email sent through Gmail will also end up in your "Sent Items" Folder.
Configure your SMTP Settings like this:
UseridYour Gmail Userid (without "")
PasswordYour Gmail Password