Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP



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Several timing settings of this task.

Sleep between synchronizations: After completing a synchronization, close the FTP connection and sleep this number of seconds before making another attempt. Make sure to set this value high enough, e.g. 10 seconds.

When a new or changed file is detected, download it after X seconds: When WatchFTP detects a file to download, it will wait this many seconds. This download delay is important in cases where the FTP file is still being created (still being uploaded by an FTP user). When WatchFTP checks the file again and it hasn't changed (timestamp or size) the file will be downloaded. If the file has changed, WatchFTP waits again.

When WatchFTP fails to connect: How many times should WatchFTP try to reconnect to the FTP server and how long should WatchFTP wait before retrying.

How many days of history should be kept: WatchFTP maintains a history database of all things it has done. How long should it maintain this history.

Retry Problem Files after X minutes: Sometimes a file can not be downloaded correctly, for example when it is "locked" on the FTP server. This setting tells WatchFTP how long it should ignore those files.