Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP Monitor FTP sites with WatchFTP



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Use the Synchronization page to tell the Task which Windows folder to synchronize with the FTP directory and how.

Local Windows Folder: Synchronize this local folder with the FTP directory.

Proceed with caution if the folder is on the network and you intend to run this Task as a Windows Service.

Enable {Dynamic Naming}: Use special {tags} to name the downloaded files as explained here.

Create local directories early: WatchFTP should create the local directory as soon as the FTP directory is detected. When unchecked, WatchFTP will only create directories when needed for downloaded files.

Delete downloaded files from FTP server: After downloading them, delete the files from the FTP server.

Hours to Delay the Delete: How long should WatchFTP wait before the FTP File is deleted. Enter 0 to delete immediately or, for example, 24 to wait one day.

Remove the Empty FTP directory: Instructs WatchFTP to also delete the FTP directories that are now empty.

Rename the FTP file after Download: Let WatchFTP rename the file on your FTP Server. You enter a suffix WatchFTP should add to the FTP file, for example ".downloaded".

Don't Download files with these Suffixes: Prevents WatchFTP from downloading these renamed files.

Ignore Zero Length Files: When WatchFTP detects a zero-length file on the FTP server, it will not be downloaded.

FTP Server Time Difference: After downloading, WatchFTP applies the timestamps of the FTP file to the downloaded Windows file. If your FTP Server is in a different timezone (or otherwise configured differently) the Windows timestamps may look strange (a few hours different from what you expect). Here you can add or subtract minutes from the Windows timestamps. For example:
-1440: subtract 1 day (24 hours * 60 minutes) from the Windows timestamps
-60: subtract 1 hour from the Windows timestamps
0: do not touch
60: add 1 hour to the Windows timestamps.

Temp Directory: Download files to this directory first, when complete move it to its final location. If your Temp Directory is on the same drive as the final location, this move is instant.